At the end of September, read your life motto every day and be open-minded for a lifetime!

Published By:anonymous Posted On:28/09/2023

1、 You need to understand that even the hottest water will still cool, the fullest enthusiasm will still dissipate, and the person you love may leave. So you need to be obedient, grow up, no longer open your mouth, it will be a long time, and get used to people walking in the cool tea.


2、 You can't even control what time you sleep, and you still want to control your life; Your problem is that you understand everything, but you're lazy.


3、 Looking closely at someone else's life may not necessarily be as you imagine it to be like poetry, but perhaps like you, life is messy and messy, and the life you are tired of may also be envied by others. In the mundane world, no one is easy. Cherish blessings, be content, and complain less.




4、 Don't live too passively, because it will make you work very hard. As long as you feel happy, there is no need to prove anything to others. Don't just focus on others and take the wrong path under your own feet.


5、 The older I grow up, the more I dare not rely on others. I am afraid that my heart will change, I am afraid that my promises will not be fulfilled, and I only believe that only I can give myself a sense of security in this world.


6、 You should try to love more people, wait for more years, learn to get along well with your loneliness, your stubbornness, your cowardice, and imperfections. Only by getting along well with oneself can a person better embrace the world.


7、 When looking at people, don't use your eyes to see them. It's easy to lose sight, and don't use your ears to listen because it may be a lie. As long as you spend time and put your heart into feeling, true cannot be fake, nor can fake be true.


8、 Either be an excellent person, or be a sensible person. To get around in this world without any skills or abilities is really not enough.


9、 How cruel life is, how strong you should be. The things that make you sad now, when you look back for a long time, you will feel that they are not a problem. The reason why you value pain so much is because you have not experienced enough. When you feel sad, you might as well tell yourself that now is the opportunity for your transformation.


10、 You can become whatever you want, without expecting affirmation or being afraid of being rejected by anyone. Don't spend most of your life listening to others' advice, only to realize that the most important thing is your own decision. As long as you want, you can be yourself.