Sentences that make people feel sad and want to cry are heartbreaking!

Published By:anonymous Posted On:28/09/2023

1、 A pair of shoes, when you first buy them, you have to squat down and wipe them clean even if you get a little dust. After wearing them for a long time, even if someone steps on them, you may rarely lower your head. Most people are like this, whether it's about things or emotions. At first, when she frowned, you felt heartbroken. Later, when she shed tears, you didn't feel nervous anymore.

2、 Love is like a gust of wind, blowing it away at such a pace that no one can do anything about it.


3、 Warmth is a luxury that requires deep cold and pain to manifest.





4、 The so-called love talk is when you say something that you don't even believe yourself, but hope the other person believes it.


5、 Love is a lamp, while friendship is a shadow. When the lamp is off, you will find shadows all around you. A friend is someone who can give you strength in the end.


6、 You don't want to plant flowers, you say, I don't want to see it wither a little bit. Yes, in order to avoid ending, you avoided everything from beginning.



7、 Have I ever told you that love is my unchanging belief, and have I ever told you that love is always keeping someone in your heart.


8、 So it seems that love really doesn't make much sense. Perhaps love is a miracle, or more precisely because it can make the impossible possible.


9、 Zero decibels is an enjoyment, after all, only those who have deeply experienced loneliness will understand.



10、 People who can resist all kinds of poisons have been scarred before. Those who can laugh and see the ups and downs have all been riddled with wounds. Every person who constantly strives for self-improvement has nowhere to rely on. Every person who values love has remained steadfast until death.


11、 I want to fill all the blank paper with your name and all my worries about you.

十一、 我想把所有白纸写满你的名字,写满我所有对你的心事。

12、 It doesn't matter if you don't meet someone who gives you a sense of security, learn to give yourself strength. Enriching oneself, settling positive and negative emotions, and being content with the situation is not indifferent, it is to ensure that one can sustain oneself in any situation.

十二、 遇不到给你安全感的人不要紧,要学会自己给自己力量。丰富自己,安顿正负情绪,随遇而安不是无所谓,是保证自己遇到什么情况都能撑得住自己。